Wednesday, April 12, 2006

drivers lessons!!!!

ok so ive been doing drivers ed for the past lil while and next week i get to go to my first actual behind the wheel driving lesson... im so excited... its like the coolest thing. this place is soooo fucked without a car. im so fuckin sick of my bitch mom having 2 drop me off everywhere i wanna go, and if i wanna see a guy or whatever shes like "no not until ur older thats inapropiate blah blah" and then im like "god, mom, ur so fukcing annoying ur fucking ruining my life" and shes like "when i was ur age blah blah."

so yeah im really excited to get my drive on. maybe i can actually go into seattle more than once a month. that would be sooo dope. theres literally NOTHING 2 do in this town. urgh.

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